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Frequently asked questions

Who is Spaceship for?

Spaceship is for anyone who wants to get online, but who also wants the freedom to build their digital world without being locked into ‘standard’ mass-market website builders. You get to choose and connect the domain, hosting, email you want, and keep connecting new services and tools as you (and indeed, we) grow.

How do I choose the right domain name?

The best domain name is one that is easy to spell and short in length. It’s your online identity so you need to select one that accurately represents your brand. Consider future-proofing your domain name by avoiding trendy words, as your business may expand.

Why do I need a domain to build a website?

It’s the best first step. Your domain name is essentially your website’s address. It marks your piece of the internet and makes sure people can find your website when they need to. For your brand and business, though, it can be far more important.

Really, you aren’t just getting a website address. You’re creating an online brand. Checking which domain names are available is a crucial step in deciding on business names in today’s digital world. So it needs careful thought up front. That’s why we start your website journey with a domain name.

What is Unbox™?

It’s the technical magic that connects your products and services together. Unbox™ means you can choose exactly what you need for your website, project, or business and have it configured and ready to go in a few moments. Plus you can manage it all more easily in one place — your Launchpad. It also means you can mix, match, and connect new products and services as your website, project, or business grows.

What is Spacemail?

Spacemail is the next step (make that giant leap) in email technology. It combines advanced tools with simple controls — the best of both worlds. It’s got AI-powered spam filtering. Everything has been specially designed to give businesses smart and secure email to protect data, people, and websites.

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